Company History

Welcome to PCI, your trusted construction contractor with a legacy spanning 4 decades. As a family run business, we understand the true meaning of commitment, trust and enduring relationships, with a large portion of our clients and supply chain being long standing connections.

Our journey began in 1984. At PCI, our focus lies in delivering excellence, as we firmly believe that quality, reliability and consistency are the cornerstone of our success.

Please take a look at our timeline below to see how our company has grown from one man with a dream, into the respected nationwide deliverer of fit out and construction projects across several sectors that it is today.



Parias Partioning Services Established

Parias Partitioning Services was founded in 1984, marking the inception of the company’s journey, primarily focused on partitioning services.


Offices in Tongwell, Milton Keynes purchased

In 1992, the company expanded its physical presence by acquiring offices in Tongwell, Milton Keynes, enhancing its operational infrastructure.


Became an Incorporated Company

The year 1999 marked a significant milestone as Parias transformed into an incorporated company, formalising its structure and operations.


Entered the Healthcare sector

In 2000, Parias ventured into the healthcare sector, diversifying its portfolio and expanding its expertise into a new industry.


First International Project Completed

Parias achieved a major milestone in 2008 by successfully completing its first international project, showcasing the company’s global capabilities.


PCI carry out more diverse works nationwide

By 2010, Parias Construction and Interiors (PCI) had expanded its footprint, engaging in a wider range of projects across the UK.


Dawn leaves PCI to form Construction Management Training

In 2011, a notable development occurred when Dawn departed PCI to establish Construction Management Training, contributing to the industry’s professional development.


Marcus joins PCI

The year 2014 saw the addition of Marcus to the PCI team, bringing new skills and expertise to further strengthen the company.


Alessandro joins PCI

Alessandro joined PCI in 2018, contributing to the company’s growth and diversification with his skills and experience.


Moved to new HQ in Denbigh, Milton Keynes

In 2022, PCI relocated its headquarters to Denbigh, Milton Keynes, reflecting the company’s expansion and need for larger facilities.


New company name – Parias Construction and Interiors LTD

The same year, a rebranding took place with the adoption of a new company name, officially becoming Parias Construction and Interiors LTD.


Period of growth continues, with now over 30 employees

As of 2023, PCI is experiencing a sustained period of growth, boasting a workforce of over 50 members of staff, highlighting the company’s success and expansion.


Celebrating 40 years of PCI

2024 signifies and celebrates 40 years of business as PCI, showcasing our continued longevity, respect amongst the industry and dedication to the highest of operational standards.