Bedford Hospital MRI

Project Details


Bedford University Hospital Trust


Project Value:

7 weeks

The Project

The refurbishment and replacement of MRI machine including, but not limited to, M&E, flooring, magnetic shielding, joinery and decoration. Key objectives for the project included the need for flexibility, versatility, sustainability and value for money. The project was carried out in an active Paediatric ward with works directly against populated ward areas with children and anxious parents in situ.

Despite working in a tightly confined space adjacent to busy areas of the hospital, PCI completed the refurbishment with multiple trades involved including the MRI supplier who installed the new machine, causing minimum disruption to day-to-day running of the hospital.

The safety of patient and staff was at the forefront of all on those on site and works we always carried out with them in mind.


MRI is an advanced project, this was the perfect chance to showcase what we could really do with project delivery.

The Works

A complex project delivered in time and to a high standard. This set the standard for good traffic management within a busy vacinity for all future projects.