Hartwell School

Project Details


Hartwell School


Project Value:

12 weeks

The Project

  • Roofing and Heating replacement with lighting upgrades.
  • To improve the thermal efficiency of the building by adding improved insulation to the roof, in replacing the heating the school would also be left with a much more modern and efficient system, working towards general improvements for their carbon footprint.
  • Upgrading the lighting throughout the school from fluorescents to LED’s achieved further wins for this school and dramatically reduce energy bills.

From a design perspective, Parias provided a full design of the heating system replacement including plant room.


  • All works were undertaken in and around a live school environment
  • With regards to the roofing the main concern/ thing to manage was the timing of deliveries around school traffic and ensuring that the noise levels were held at an acceptable level while lessons went on below.
  • On the heating phase of the works we had to work with the school to produce a stringent timetable of works that allowed works to continue through the school in phases, ensuring that the project could be delivered without impacting upon the schools lessons – generally restricted to 1-2 classrooms out of action at a time, which the school rotated with lessons in the hall area and outside spaces.

The Works

  • Undertook roofing replacement works to improve thermal efficiency of the structure including insulation and new roof coverings.
  • Full removal and reinstatement of the heating system of the school incorporating plant room, radiators and pipework.
  • Making good to decorations and pendock pipework boxings where relevant around the heating works.
  • Lighting upgrades throughout the school from fluorescents to LED’s