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Circle Health


Project Value:

4 weeks

The Project

Parias Ltd were involved in the refurbishment & delivery of 3x FDR Visionary Suites (X-Ray Rooms) in various locations across the country. The new spaces have helped enhanced patients, staff & consultants with new X Ray equipment moving to digital. The X Ray Imaging Service has dramatically sped up meaning patients can be seen & assessed much quicker than before.

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Shelburne Hospital_037
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We were given all three projects on an extremely small lead in which made the jobs a bit more challenging than usual. However, we were able to overcome this challenge with ease.


  • Live environment – The Beaumont Hospital DXR Refurb involved running ventilation through a live service corridor. The corridor had to be partially & temporarily blocked and patients/staff had to be re-directed. There was pressure on us to get this section of works completed within a day in order to shorten the disturbance to everyday services for the Hospital.
  • Distribution board upgrade – The existing distribution board at both The Shelburne Hospital & The DXR Beaumont DXR Refurb was not big enough for the new X Ray Equipment. An upgrade was required which involved careful cohesion with the Hospital as it took out services such as medical equipment, power, lighting & data. This install was carried out on a Sunday and re-calibration of certain medical equipment was required before the Hospital opened up on Monday. Temporary power was also required as it turned off several fridges housing important medicine.

The Works

  • We carried out all enabling & built works on site excluding the delivery & installation of the X Ray Equipment.

  • We were involved in several delicate installs ranging from distribution boards upgrades, knock throughs on load bearing walls to support ventilation, uni strut installation (including cohesion with the existing RSJ steel framework) and ensuring floor levels are +2mm to ensure X Ray Equipment performance isn’t effected.